In this layout, I focused more on how I could arrange the writing part differently as well as trying to add some photos in the recipe even though they might not have anything to do with the recipe at all.

In the last series of photos, the rhythm or the photo of the recipe’s process was missing so in this series, I took photos of the process as well so the whole series doesn’t look like a product photo but are rather photos for a recipe book.

I have written my first draft for the book which includes 4 chapters with 39 recipes in total.

Hosting and Entertaining = 12 recipes

Home = 6 recipes

Work = 10 recipes

Personal Life = 11 recipes

I also came up with the visual elements of the book. I wanted the mood and tone for my book to be simple with little hints of colours, fun and sassiness.

Visual Experiment III is somewhat the direction that I want to continue with but there are still problems and confusions that need to be fixed.

Recipe (noun): a set of instructions telling you how to prepare and cook a particular food, including a list of what foods are needed for this — Cambridge Dictionary

Recipe (noun): a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something — Merriam Webster

I have used the word ‘recipe’ quite often to explain my work but many people seemed to be confused by it as my work is not an actual recipe that if you…

In the essay, Always Be Optimizing by Jia Tolentino, she wrote about how the world has pressured women into being the perfect version of themselves everyday — to optimise her personal brand of the ideal woman.

“… the ideal woman has been whatever she wants to be as long as she manages to act upon the belief that perfecting herself and streamlining her relationship to the world can be a matter of both work and pleasure — of lifestyle.”

“… for many people today, especially for women, packaging and broadcasting your image is a readily monetizable skill.”

“It’s very easy…to…

Thitapha Tongjitakasem

A Communication Design student based in Thailand

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